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Soap2day : Details and Alternative of Soaptoday Movie Streaming Site

Soap2day is an online platform that offers video streaming sites to users to watch TV shows and movies. It is one of the fastest and biggest online streaming websites, and people from all over the world can use this website. This online website allows users to watch movies and TV shows of all genres.

Soap2day comes with three different types of video quality: HD, CAM, and TS. The best thing about this platform is that it offers the least advertisements disturbance. Moreover, the platform provides free services that make it stand above all of them.


Viewster is an elegant on-demand video entertainment portal that offers free and full-length movies, original documentaries, horror movies, thrillers, and much more available without any cost. While on the other side, you have to deal with advertisements and commercials over this platform.

If you want to join the Viewster, you will not be required to use any external software, and there is no requirement for registration as well. Viewster is the global entertainment service provider currently offering its entertainment service in almost 120 countries across the globe.


FMovies aka, or is one of the best entertaining websites to download and watch movies for free in HD quality. FMovies allows its visitors to download any series, TV shows, or movies for free without even the requirement of registration at all.

The best about FMovies is that it always comes with movies in HD quality that is good for those users who always remain conscious about the picture quality of the film. The other quality of FMovies is that its movies don’t contain any annoying and disturbing advertisements at all. It always comes with ad-free videos.


Netflix is an online entertainment platform to watch top-notch films and television programs from any area of the globe. It is a web-based entertainment service that comes with dramas, action movies, humor films, documentaries, TV series, and a substantial amount of various other enjoyable stuff.

The best about Netflix is that there is no commercial and advertisement scheme; the visitor can anticipate the soft running of any Television program. Netflix comes in three payment options, which were basic, standard, and premium. Viewers are additionally being supplied with a free thirty days; this is meant for a restricted period.


ePix is an internet-based, on-demand video service provider that features plenty of engaging options for all the movies or series lovers. The app features a premium level of theatrically released motion movies and TV series for you to have quality time. It brings special comedy movies, music, original documentaries, and much more.

There are merely three premium levels of TV channels in the ePix to enjoy. ePix app contains the categories of action, adventure, biography, animation, concert, crime, documentary, drama, and crime, etc. All these categories also contain subcategories in the form of the latest, certified fresh, laugh out loud, staff picks, top-rated, action-packed, and more.


MovieBoxd is an online film exploring site where you can download full videos and movies for free. MovieBoxd is the outrageous goal of all film significant others. Peruse, stream, remark, audit videos, and movies whenever it might suit you. 100% Ad-free, no join, or charge card points of interest required. MovieBoxd utilizes HTML5 gushing innovation like Hulu and YouTube, empowering you to watch videos and movies online for nothing on your most loved gadgets.

Right now, you are taking a gander at a gathering of 19849 full free films, sitting tight for you to stream. No film deadlines, video, and movie CAM prints are upgraded ordinary, and HD is redesigned once the video and movie are discharged in HD. We are including significantly more free films, and it puts a ton into your most loved video and movie spilling site, and in the event that you like it, bear in mind to share.

Details About 123movies

123Movies is the most popular streaming site ever created. 123movies popularity started to increase a short time after the first website was released because it offered very high quality content without advertisement and people loved it. The original 123 Movies was closed in 2018 by the Vietnamese Government and Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) but even with this big defeat the free streaming websites continue to operate via another web domains.

123Movies – The Best Streaming Site

123Movies meets all the criteria to be the best streaming site in the world. It is offering HD movies and tv series, a lot of them, we are talking about approximately 60.000 episodes from 2.000 tv shows and more than 10.000 movies. It is worth mentioning that all the content dubbed in a foreign language (another than English) has been updated with English subtitles so everyone can understand it. We are talking especially about popular tv series like La Casa de Papel, Elite, Dark which are dubbed in another languages and needed English subtitles. We knew this represented a major problem and we’ve worked hard to fix it so you can enjoy your favorite productions published on 123 Movies.

123Movies – Streaming Without Ads

The team behind 123Movies is working hard everyday to keep this website free so everyone can enjoy their favorites movies and series without being necessary to register on a paid streaming platform and pay an expensive subscription every month. Also, our target is to maintain the ads level as low as possible, preferably zero. This fact is not always achievable because we are working with some third parties who provide all the movies and tv series and sometimes we can’t control everything about it. But we promise that we do everything we can to publish content without advertisement. We also recommend you to use any kind of AdBlockers that will help you get rid of any annoying ads.

123Movies – Is It Legal And Safe To Use?

Theoretically, on 123Movies or any other streaming sites’s servers you can’t find anything illegal. By illegal we mean movies and tv series which are all hosted on third parties who provide free video hosting to anyone who need it, so the streaming sites like 123Movies are not responsible of the movies and shows even if you can watch it on their website, because what visitors see is just a mirror link provided by the third parties who hosts the videos. We tried to explain it as clear as we can and we hope everyone understand that 123Movies and other streaming sites are legal in the majority of the world, running without problems in Europe, United States, Australia and India. If you are living in a country who especially prohibits watching online movies, just install a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that will hide everything from browsing history to your identity. With a VPN you will avoid any possible penalties.

123Movies – The Website History

Many years have passed since the first 123Movies site has been created, and soon will be 3 years since the original website has been shutted down by the government. It is believed that the team who created 123Movies was based on Vietnam but we can’t be 100% sure about this fact because they put a lot of effort in order to protect their identity. As a fact, was hosted in Ukraine and thanks to CloudFlare it was almost impossible to find out who owns this streaming site. But we can be sure about the fact that the team behind 123Movies keep doing their job a long time after the government closed the first website because lots of new and cloned websites started to appear and looked exactly like the original one.

123Movies – How To Watch

Watching movies on 123Movies is very simple due to the modern and intuitive design with a clean interface which lets you easily access any content you like. You can search for any type of shows and movies using the search box or other dedicated pages which are full of content, well organized with filters and categories. After you decide about something good to watch, just click on the big play button from the middle of the screen. Usually there are no advertisement, but if anything pops out just close it as fast as possible and click the play button again. If there are any video ads, you can skip them after a few seconds. You will always find the skip button in the bottom right of the video player. You can only find advertisement before you play the movie. After that you can watch full without interruptions.


123Movies – TV Shows Collection

123Movies is currently running on a database builded over three years which contain over 10.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 60.000 episodes. So you can understand the seriousness of 123Movies, you can still access files published 3 years ago and they are working perfectly even these days, thanks to Netu.TV servers who never delete a video, compared to other streaming sites where you can’t view no more movies after just a few weeks or months. All the content published on 123Movies benefits of HD quality and, the most important, English subtitles for all the movies and series which are dubbed in foreign languages. We have to admit that we haven’t thinked about the subtitles from the first time, but after a few visitors started to complain and sent us suggestions, we’ve implemented the subtitles system in a short time because your opinion matters.

123Movies – Similar Sites Alternatives

We think 123Movies is the best streaming site, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other sites that also deserve your attention. 123Movies is not the only brand in the online streaming niche that provides a big quantity of movies and tv shows in good quality. Occasionally people like to try something else and this is why we’ve created a short list with the most recommended similar sites if you are looking for a replacement for 123Movies.


ProjectFreeTV is probably the oldest streaming site, created way before 123Movies. It was very popular until a few years ago when it was closed the same way as 123Movies. But that wasn’t a problem because PFTV came back fast with a new site on another domain and keep doing what they know best: publish movies and tv series for free, in HD quality, without registration. Project Free TV is a special website because it came with the concept to unleash the free tv revolt, a real revolutionary movement for the streaming industry.


PutLocker has been created around the same time as 123Movies and even if it offered pretty much the same quality as its competitor, Putlockers never became enormously popular. It is still unclear why, but it seemed everyone chose to like 123Movies more than Putlocker. However, Putlocker continued to update their database everyday with latest movies and tv series and it is still fighting to become more popular.


SolarMovie was a very different type of streaming site at that time, even if today it is perfectly integrated among the streaming sites. In a time where all the websites were black or white, SolarMovie came with their yellow shade to catch the eyes of the visitors. This streaming website was appreciated especially for their variety of tv series available HD without registration or advertisement.

Vidics Movies

Vidics is a pretty normal streaming site and you may like it if you are looking for a simple and efficient website. It is using a fresh design, very easy to use. Just browse through their database, choose the movie or serie that you want to watch and click the play button. They are hosting videos in HD quality and there is no registration needed in order to watch content in Vidics website. It has a very low level of ads but you can still use AdBlock to make your browsing experience even smoother.


123Movies Becomes CipFlix at the End of 2020

The long-awaited moment has arrived. After a few years of hard work representing the old 123Movies brand, the time has come to dedicate our work in creating a new brand of online movies named CipFlix. The old website,, will still remain online and the content published here will never be deleted, but it will not receive updates anymore because all of our focus is going to CipFlix site. We strongly recommend you to access and bookmark, our new website, because there will be all the latest releases from the cinema industry. If you are too attached to 123Movies, you can still come back here everyday and watch your favorite content that is already published on the site. Everything will be available for an indefinite period, just we won’t make as many updates as on CipFlix.

CipFlix is The Ultimate Streaming Site

This is not just a simple rebranding, we’ve also worked hard to improve a lot the concept of watching movies online and we are constantly trying to offer a better user experience for our visitors who came here for the best movies and tv shows online. This is why we call CipFlix the ultimate streaming site after implementing a lot of new features compared to other streaming sites. CipFlix comes with the biggest database published on a free site, offering more than 60.000 episodes and 10.000 movies. It’s important to mention the fact that all the content published on CipFlix benefits of HD quality and also, when necessary, of English subtitles. By necessary we mean content made in a foreign language (other than English). All the movies and series can be viewed for free, without any subscriptions and costs and, of course, without registration because we just want to offer all the content for free. Unlike many other sites, on CipFlix we’ve also focused on a News section. It is our blog page where we are publish articles very often. Those articles can be tutorials of how to watch on streaming sites, lists of recommendations with similar sites, packs with the best movies and series you should watch, gossips directly from Hollywood and any other news related to CipFlix that you should know about. We really think this is an interesting section of our website and strongly suggest you to access it from time to time to keep updated with the latest news.

GoStream Site

GoStream may look a bit like 123Movies but you can be sure it is a very different website. Focused more on movies than on tv shows, GoStream might be the perfect site for watching your favorite movies on a lazy friday night. All the content can be viewed without creating an account but we suggest you to register in order to get access to other features like My List, Ratings and more.

FMovies | Free Movies

Even if has been online for many years, FMovies is still not a very popular streaming website. Even if its database contain over 60.000 episodes and 10.000 movies, people still choose other streaming website over this one. We think FMovies team is doing a really great work with their streaming site and honestly we are writing here about them because we hope to make it gain more popularity.

CouchTuner Series

CouchTuner is pretty much in the same situation as FMovies and this is why we are making a shout-out here for them. CouchTuner is a free streaming website with a clean and beautiful design, eye-catching color scheme, useful features, very good organization of the content and a big data base. All this is the recipe for success and we strongly recommend you CouchTuner as your primary source of online entertainment. This free streaming site is focused more on TV shows and series, but they also add good old and new movies time to time.

Watch Series HD

WatchSeries can be easily recognized by their different design theme. Today the majority of the streaming sites looks almost the same because a lot of them are using the old 123Movies’s design. WatchSeries chose something else and this is why today it is a special site when compared to others. They are using their own servers to host content such as movies and tv series and everything can be viewed for free without registration. WatchSeries’s collection of shows benefits of HD quality, fast loading and English subtitles.

The Original 123Movies Website Alternative

Many years have passed since the first 123Movies website was created and there are already 4 years since the original site has been shutted down by the government. 123Movies is the most popular online streaming brand ever and anybody must’ve heard about it when trying to watch movies or series for free. It’s closure was not a problem because many other sites with the same name started to appear over night and these days nobody knows anymore who is ”the original” site. Some of them are doing a great job and deserve your attention and some of them not, you can choose your favorites. One of the best 123Movies mirror sites was 123Movies.Actor, being opened a short time after the first site was shutted down. 123Movies.Actor successfully gained a lot of popularity very fast because it offered high quality content without advertisement, which was a much better offer compared to other free streaming sites and people loved it. Unfortunately, now it’s time to say goodbye to 123Movies because we are going through a rebranding.